Stud Dogs

Allegiance PWDs is pleased to offer these males available to APPROVED bitches.
Must be registered with an acceptable registry such as American Kennel Club or Canadian Kennel Club 

Must be in good physical health

If you are requesting live cover breeding a CURRENT and NEGATIVE brucellosis test is required

All health testing must be completed to the recommendations of the PWDCA at the time of breeding (Hips, CAER current, Optigen PRA and EOPRA, JDCM, GM 1 and IC) and certificates provided

Provide a 4 generation pedigree of your bitch

If we have not seen your bitch in person we request two photos of her one stacked and another of her head. Win photos will work for stacked photo

It is expected your bitch participates in one or more of the following; conformation, obedience, water work, rally or agility

An introduction about your bitch and what you feel are her strengths and weaknesses and what you are hoping for from this breeding combination
If you are considering contacting us about the use of one of our stud dogs you will be expected to meet the following criteria; 
We are currently updating this page.  We have stud dogs available to approved bitches.

 - Marco
 - Mason
- Lago
- Roman