Clare is 14 yrs. old and started showing AKC in 2012 at the age of 9. She has shown Rory, a Norwich Terrier, a Whippet named Lizzie and a Beagle named Juvey.  Although she has had much experience with other breeds Clare has been training puppies and adult Portuguese Water Dogs for the show ring too.   She has put many points on our PWDs.  She competes in Junior Showmanship and in the breed ring.  Clare also participates in the Owner Handler program.  She has has quite a bit of success in all the avenues she is pursuing.

Clare quickly earned her 3 wins with competition to make her way out of Novice Junior  into the Open Junior where she competed until the age of 12.  Since turning 12 she will now compete in  Intermediate Junior until the age of 15 years old.  Her other accomplishments include an Owner Handler Group 1 under judge Col. Purkheiser.  Clare also finished in the top 5 Owner Handler/Juniors in the PWD breed for 2014.  Also in 2014 at our Portuguese Water Dog Club of America National Specialty Clare was awarded Best Junior in Show.  The 2015 PWDCA National Specialty Clare was unable to compete due to our moving to Tennessee.  However, she did accept the award of Top Junior Owner Handler for the year.  An award she was so happy to have earned.  Clare has earned all of these PWD awards with her dog Allegiance An Heir About Her Pouch Cove "London".  They are a fabulous team and I can't wait to see what the future brings for the two of them.    

Clare is expanding her interests beyond conformation.  She would like to become active in water work and agility with her PWD.
Junior Showmanship

McKenna is now 13 years old and been showing dogs for over a year now.   She has been "shadowing" Clare for the past couple years and going to conformation practice too.  We are excited to see her love for dogs and showing blossom.  

McKenna started showing in March 2014.  She began her weekend winner her Novice Junior class with competition her first time in the ring.  The next day she won her class again.  McKenna also competed in a Dachshund Regional Specialty and won Best Junior in Specialty in only her second day in the ring.   Her third day she won her class again and moved out of Novice into Open Junior.  She will compete in Open Junior until she turns 12 years old.

McKenna has been using Alexas, a black and tan, miniature, smooth dachshund, sent to her by Cyndy Sneff of Dynadaux Kennels in Texas.  We are very fortunate to have such a beautiful girl join our family 2014.  Alexas is an AKC finished Champion and was a fantastic first dog for McKenna to start showing.  Alexas has gone back home to have puppies so McKenna will be showing and training our PWDs now.  

McKenna is looking forward to competing in Juniors and hoping to get experience with breeds other than the PWD and Dachshund.   We can't wait to see where her efforts take McKenna, she is a very talented handler.

McKenna is also hoping to expand her interests into working venues.
McKenna and London on the left and Clare and Tempo on the right
Clare and McKenna have both aged out of AKC Junior Showmanship.  Clare is now 19 years old, married and had a baby at the end of 2022.  McKenna turned 18 the first week of 2023.  These girls are still active in dogs and hope to be throughout their adult life.  Watching them in the Juniors ring during their career has been one of the greatest joys of my life.