Champion Pouch Cove's Tempest Sea Me At Allegiance 
Date Of Birth:  9/12/08
Hair Color: Black  
Coat Type:  Loose Wavy
Trim: Lion Cut
Eyes:  Dark Brown
Height:  20.5 inches
Weight:  50 lbs.
Nickname:  The Wave

OFA Hips - Good
OFA Elbows - Normal
CERF - Normal 12/18/2012
JDCM - Normal
GM1 Storage - Normal
OPTIGEN - Normal
CARDIAC - Normal
DNA CHIC Data Bank - Stored

Health Clearances
Sire:   Champion Cartmel Sea Master - Carlo
Dam:  Champion Pouch Cove's Port In Any Storm - Portia

Owner:  Amy C. Lane
Breeders:  Dejah Petsch, Peggy Helming and Milan Lint 

Pouch Coves Tempest Sea Me At Allegiance
Sire:  Ch. Cartmel Sea Master
Dam:  Pouch Cove's To Be Announced
Sire:  Eng Ch. Cartmel Sea Goblet
Dam: Cartmel Sea Siren
Sire:  Ch. Bayswater Hippolita Leal
Dam: Ch. Pinehaven Prime Time
Sire:  Cartmel The Seafarer
Dam: Cartmel Sea Diver
Sire: Cartmel The Seafarer
Dam: Cartmel Celebration
Waverly's Pedigree
all names in red indicate a Champion

Dam:  Ch. Pouch Cove's Port In Any Storm
Sire:  Ch. Del Sur's Makin All The Right Moves
Sire:  Ch. Sunnyhill Dom Benjamin
Dam: Ch. Del Sur’s Makin A Splash
Her first night in our home.... very relaxed taking a much needed nap
Sitting with mommy at the computer desk... all pooped out
I have my Wubba and you can't have it...
14.5 weeks sitting on the table at home just brushed and bathed
6 months old and at her first show winning Best Puppy at the Connecticut Working Dog shows
9 months old stacked and looking very nice
Hanging out on the grooming table at the Flint dog show
Awww 7 weeks old and boy doesn't she look fantastic
Wave laying in the grass catchin' some sun
I got my toy... I love this toy... And I am not going to share.. catch me if you can.. hi mom
8 months old taking a break from tearing around the yard.. nice stack there Wave
10 weeks old and already taking all the toys in the house
9 months old in Flint - she's got the look
Waverly and Sony in a full chase February 2009
Waverly with sand in her face at the beach
Waverly in the wind.. looking cute
Waverly on the beach watching the kids swim .. she was intense
Waverly sitting in the sand.. great for the coat (not) she loves watching the ducks and the kids.
Waverly pictured as she takes her 1st swim in our pond - 10 months old
Standing in the water waiting for the bumper.
Waverly standing next to her bumper ready to go... 10 months old
Waverly launches off the dock at the cottage.
Waverly and her ears are flying off the dock.
Waverly brings back her ring toy.  Wave
Waverly goes all out for her ring toy in the water.
She jumps with so much enthusiasm and height to her jump.
See kids this is how it is done.  Repeat after me.. over and over and over.. all day if you'd like I will jump.
I need to get there quickly.  Will this be the fastest route to my ring toy... hurrrryyyyy it is floating away.
Waverly on the couch with her kids :)
Waverly is retired.