Champion Pouch Cove's Stay Tuned 
Date Of Birth:  6/12/2005
Hair Color: Black with white  
Coat Type:  Loose Wavy
Trim: Lion Cut
Eyes:  Dark Brown
Height:  18 inches
Weight:  42 lbs.
Nickname:  Sonifer
6 months old Sony's cute face
December 2007 Cleveland IX Center her first agility trial
Clare loving on Sony
13 months old at Pontiac Kennel Club show posing in the flower
December 2007 Cleveland IX Center her first agility trial
8 week photo from Pouch Cove
Major win handled by Laura King
sony on the deck hanging out in her lounge chair
Sony 3.5 yrs. old full stride across the front yard
Relaxing while the other dog play
February 2009 just watching as she stops stacked just right
I got my Wubba and you can't have it
Sony, Waverly and Rudy in a game of chase
Practiciing her tire for agility
Sony tuckered out with her tennis ball.

JDCM - 1:1 probable NORMAL
GM1 Storage - NORMAL
I/C - Carrier
DNA CHIC Data Bank - Stored

Health Clearances
Sire:   Champion Del Sur's Makin' All The Right Moves - Primo
Dam:  Pouch Cove's To Be Announced - Abby

Owner:  Amy C. Lane
Breeders:  Peggy Helming and Milan Lint 

Ch. Pouch Cove's Stay Tuned
Sire:  Ch. Del Sur's Makin All The Right Moves
Dam:  Pouch Cove's To Be Announced
Sire:  Ch. Sunnyhill Dom Benjamin
Dam: Ch. Del Sur’s Makin A Splash
Sire:  Ch. Bayswater Hippolita Leal
Dam: Ch. Pinehaven Prime Time
Sire:  Ch. Le Hi’s Captain Midnight
Dam: Ch. Sunnyhill Quiet Wind N Sails
Sire: Ch. Pinehaven’s Casablanca
Dam: Ch. Del Sur’s Bubble Bath
Sire: Ch. Manitou Rico Re-amba
Dam: Ch. Bayswater’s Esther Williams
Sire: Ch. Pinehaven It Had To Be You
Dam: Ch. Pinehaven Barqueiro’s Starlet
Sony's Pedigree
all names in red indicate an AKC Champion
Sony is retired.